Feb 2014

Update from Graham Coutts February 2014

“Hello friend,

An update on my appeal: I had a very positive meeting with Mark (Newby, Jordans Solicitors) on 28th January 2014. There are a number of possible appeal points which I will go into further detail as they are fleshed out. This stage of the process will involve a significant amount of research before instructing an expert. In terms of timeframe – we may be in a position to submit a CCRC application by the end of 2014 or early 2015. The CCRC had my previous application for about a year and, if my case is referred, it could be up to another year before being heard at the Court of Appeal. So potentially 2016 at the earliest or, more realistically, 2017.

I am awaiting to get further tests to determine the cause of the various symptoms I have been experiencing since my heart attack. It could be heart failure or simply the side effects from the medication. Despite these difficulties, I continue to get back into shape. Hopefully, I will have more news in my next update.

Graham Coutts, 18th February 2014

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