2020 – 87 – CORONAVIRUS

Coronavirus: still…?

Hello friend,

Day 185…

Who’d have thought that 6 months after lockdown started we’d still be in the same position. This may sound naive but surely if everyone self-isolated for 14 days that’d be it – virus extinguished!

Okay, you have certain keyworkers – but they could be isolated at or near their place of work. Visitors from abroad? Close borders for 14 days (I can’t believe I’m suggesting that!)and carefully reopen, testing as they arrive.

I realise that the virus will somehow work its way back in – but having a 2 week lockdown UK-wide has got to be better than the half – measures that the government belately implemented to cause less economic damage. Surely, surely 2 week lockdowns – when required – will save more lives and save the economy? Am I being naive?

Unbeknownst to me, we moved to Stage 2 nine days ago. I hadn’t noticed any difference; however, I had a friend visit. A markedly different experience. Only 1 wing at a time, tables and chairs very far apart, visitors wearing masks(but stil not prisoners) and no snack bar; plus, we only got an hour. It was not the nicest of visits we’ve had but I’m grateful, nonetheless.

As I come off the wing I noted that D wing had gone 108 days without a violent incident but the wing I live on (B)… 2 days!

The library has put us to work on the wing checking books for any damage, marks pages missing, ect. It doesn’t take long but that’s all they’ve got at the moment… Part 2 to follow…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 24th September 2020

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