2020 – 91 – INSIDE TIME

Inside Time: a clockwork orange?

Hello friend,

Day 206…

Laptops in cells? Not quite yet but the Prison Service have asked the Treasury for funding. Of course, they won’t of much value to most prisoners as they’ll only be used for submitting applications, canteen orders, checking their prisoner accounts; it will also give access to Virtual Campus education resources. I can’t imagine this will be rolled out into the high-security estate for at least another decade.

A letter from Wakefield (name witheld): “poverty prisoners.” This guy is moaning about prisoners who have money sent in living a champagne lifestyle. He believes that only people who have money sent in “can buy extra comfort in prison, bed clothes, clothing, electrical goods, phone credits, canteen…” He naively goes on: “Everyone in prison and out should be equal.” Mmm… that sounds familiar … oh, yeh – communism! We all know how that turned out.

Well, I don’t get money sent in but I have bought my own bedding, clothing, and other items. Here’s a suggestion for my neighbour: instead of wasting your money on vaping products, junk food (or whatever), make some sacrifices, prioritise what’s more important – things that offer some sort of fleeting pleasure – gone within a week – or , “extra comfort”, which will last you for months or years.

Everyone should be equal? What a sense of entitlement! He wants to be given the same things that other prisoners slowly save up for over weeks and months from all of the little sacrifices they make – take some responsibility and grow up , man! It’s time to join the adult world.

There is nothing more satisfying than struggling to achieve before finally reaching a goal.

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 15th October 2020

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