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1st – 15th July 2015

Hullo Friend

“The rainbow comes and goes,
And lovely is the rose.”
(William Wordsworth)

Simply beautiful.

Blog Problem

I had a meeting with the Head of Counter Terrorism and Corruption…but nothing to do with any of that. He was handed the issue with the blog because he used to be head of Litigation. Unsurprisingly, he could see nothing of a ‘derogatory’ nature in the blog that Security had stopped. He had no problem with the first section but for the second he is going to contact one or both members of staff to confirm whether or not they were in a relationship when the various actions were taken against me at HMP Frankland.

He went on to ask me if I felt that some of these issues were down to how I have engaged the system (this told me everything I needed to know about his independence). I said, “No.” He then made the claim that I had a problem with self-reflection. Another sweeping judgement made by someone who knows nothing about me. The reality is that when you challenge the actions of certain employees of the system…they get a little huffy. How do they justify actions that may be unlawful or unethical or just plain malicious ? For some staff (not most), prisoners represent the lowest level of humanity. You can find parallels of this throughout history. This issue rumbles on.

Education Judicial Review

You will not be surprised to hear that HMP Wakefield / The Ministry of Justice did not reply to our letter before claim. This appears to be a policy now not to enter into any kind of dispute resolution. When the MOJ do not resolve these issues before litigation it, of course, costs the taxpayer. However, when you have a never ending supply of taxpayers money, as the MOJ does, why would they care ? Of course, when the media report on this issue it’s always down to prisoners never the decisions of the Government entering into a costly defence of unlawful actions.

Category A reports (Security)

Security replied to my application about their report for my Category A board. They say that the information about me being in contact with serving prisoners was taken from my letter sheet. Okay, but from how long ago (2012?)and only in relation to legal matters. As for “the inappropriate comments and the malicious accusations towards staff”, using their ‘matrix’ they rate this information as “known to be true without reservation – mostly reliable,” Which appears contradictory. Further, this is an opinion only. For this information to be true it would have to be a fully supportable fact – which, of course it isn’t. The opinion is from a member of staff though… so…it must be true – right

Safer Custody

I may have previously mentioned one particular prisoner who, for some reason known only to himself, has made me a target for his malicious rumour mongering. Well, he continues unabated (that’s 3 years now). The latest; I am, apparently, a t**t, I forget that I’m a prisoner and (sarcastically)”He’s a professional [ musician ].” This was his latest effort to turn prisoners against going to the concert ( I wasn’t the only one in the firing line). I’ve decided to hand it all to Safer Custody to get them to deal with it.


The Improvement Through Music band performed a little mini – gig for the Thursday night musicians. As this was a friendly audience (apart from a couple of my detractors), there was a lot of good natured heckling. We played 5 songs which were all scored out of 5 by the audience for performance and musicianship. ’ Yellow ‘ came top closely followed by ‘Too Young To Die’. In order to distract the audience from the couple of high notes I was struggling with on ‘Too Young To Die’, I did a little walkabout off the ‘stage’ area and into the audience. I was singing to individuals, playing with their hair – anything really that would be entertaining. Lots of laughter ensued. A good fun night.

I’ve also been putting together a proposal for the Arts Project (Rock Opera). I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this. Although, I suspect it will take some time to get together – the wheels turn very slowly in here.

Be happy, be safe, see you next time.

Graham Coutts, 17th July 2015.

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