January 2014


On 17th October 2013, Graham suffered a heart attack. The paramedics arrived at 9.20am, but, despite continuing to experience nauseating and extreme chest pain and for a yet to be fully explained reason, the prison would not allow him to even get in the ambulance until 10.30am. He was ‘blue-lighted’ to hospital where he underwent an operation.

Initially, Graham’s recovery went well. However, this has been set back by continuing symptoms of congestive heart failure. He had experienced these symptoms for more than a year prior to his heart attack.

It is worth noting that Graham is a lifetime non-smoker, a vegetarian, not overweight, a regular cardio-vascular exerciser (his last run was 6.5 miles), and has normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

“Without going into unnecessary detail, a number of highly stressful issues made last year extremely challenging. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to everyone who gave me their support over 2013. This includes my family, friends, legal professionals, and wrongful conviction/prisoner support groups.

Despite my ongoing heart problems, I remain optimistic about the future. My appeal is in good hands and moving forwards towards another CCRC application. I am hopeful that this will result in my case being referred back to the Court of Appeal and lead to my conviction being quashed.

Dependent on health, I hope to post regular updates throughout the year.

Graham Coutts, 19th January 2014

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