MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Hello friend,

For every positive (see last blog) there’s a negative.

I’ve been waiting for an MRI for a few weeks (some medical issues). When I was picked up from the wing, I informed an officer that it had been sanctioned for me to wear protective tubi grip wrist bands. No problem, he said. Predictably, there ended up being a problem.

When it came time for me to be handcuffed, no one had any tubi grip. I informed the Senior Officer that Security had allowed this and he said that he was under the

impression that I had to provide my own. Really? From where? Bear in mind that no
member of staff has ever discussed the tubi grip with me. I only found out as there was an entry in my medical file and, subsequently, from the PPO. I also told him that the PPO had upheld my complaint. He replied saying that he had inferred that my complaint had not been upheld. I could see that this conversation was going nowhere; I requested that they return me to the wing. I was returned to the holding room. What d’you know: 10 minutes later and 2 pieces of tubi grip appeared.

Why is everything a battle in this place? Even when a decision is taken from higher up staff still argue the point.

Fast forward: I’m about to go into the MRI machine and, of course, the metal handcuffs have to be removed; but not before an industrial strength cable tie is put around my wrists. Now, picture this: I’m lying on the retractable MRI machine table, with my head squeezed into a ’cage’ they use to stop your head moving, with headphones on making head movement virtually impossible and with my body and head squeezed into the machine itself…cable tied.

If you’ve ever had an MRI you’ll know just how claustrophobic it is with the lack of space and the weird and crazy extremely loud noises the machine makes; add in being cable tied like some madman or someone who’s been kidnapped. Another appalling experience being treated as sub-human.

Be happy, be safe (I’m not even going to bother putting any sunny spin on this).

Graham Coutts, 14th July 2017

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  • Graham, I hope your health is in order and it all turns out ok. I think its fair to say that when people challenge the system they are usually made to suffer in one way or another. It must be frustrating when having to deal with people of a low intellect (prison staff) especially when they feel that their plastic badges give them a power they haven’t had before and therefore taking advantage of that fact…..its pathetic

    • Hi Angela, you really don’t hold back, do you.

      Re: health; not perfect, but I will be 50 in 3 months time, so, not so bad; at least that isn’t fixable.

      You make some good points; although, from my experience, it’s more of a humanity issue How do people sleep at night when they treat other human beings so badly. They de-humanise them and/or turn them into the enemy.

      I really miss being around nice people. Take care. Graham

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