2019 – 64 – environment


Hello friend,

This is another one of those blogs I’ve wanted to write for a while.

There’s nothing much I can add to the whole climate/environment debate, other than to say that I’m totally behind the non-violent ptotests; although, it was interesting to see those who have become violent aren’t the protesters but the idiots who put their own insignificant needs above the future of our species – a small minority of public transport users.

It was really inspiring to see Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN confernence. In fact, her passion and emotion gave me goosebumps. To be able to articulate what her generation is thinking in such a fearless manner, and in a second language, was amazing. I particularly loved the look she gave Trump as he walked past and avoided her – that look summed up how a lot of us feel about his hateful policies (that’s another blog for another time).

It was a reminder to me of how I used to be as a kid. I wrote a piece about the Ecology Party (now the Greens) which got published when I was 10 years old; although I can’t remember where it was published. As I got older, life distracted me into other interests although, I’ve never stopped using environmental concerns as the basis for many of my decisions. For example, being vegetarian. This makes you think about far more than “is this food vegetarian?” You also look at the ingredients and consider the sustainability of them – such as palm oil. When I get out, I’m hoping to do a lot more than living an environmentally low-impact life.

Being a prisoners in a high-security prison guarantees my carbon footprint to be lower than most. Unfortunately, there is so much waste in prisons. Despite having a recycling workshop here, the main areas of waste are food, electric and water. There’s also also far too much ‘one use plastic’; although, I did note a change in the drink cups in the visits hall – plastic to paper but I still suspect there was a plastic lining.

If this doesn’t turn round, I’ll only have a year out of prison before we all go extinct!

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 27th October 2019

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