Blog: … disaster

Hello friend,

Was it only a few short weeks ago that I started my first blog of the year with: “I hope your year has started as positively as mine.” Well, it’s all been downhill from there.

You may have noticed some unforeseen changes to the site… like the massive gap between 2015 and 2020 blogs. We had an accidental data loss when moving the site to a new provider. With all the other issues I’ve had over the past 6 weeks, this was the last thing I needed. I very nearly quit the blog. For me, it’s become an important social document of life in a 21st century high – security prison – which has taken 1000s hours to write! Even though I know the blogs still exist on the team’s computers and over time (a long time) we might be able to fill in the 5 year gap by reposting them, it gives me pause.

The question I want to ask you guys is this: do you want me to continue blogging? I know we get a respectable amount of hits each month for the type of site this is but I’ve no idea how many of are regular readers; or, why you are regular readers. I can’t ask any of the team to put in the extra time reposting the lost blogs if there isn’t any readership.

So, this is what I need you to do: post a message and let me know if you want me to continue and why you want me to continue. If you want to let me know but don’t want your message showing on the site, start with: “DO NOT APPROVE”. Your message will verbally be relayed to me and then deleted – it won’t appear on the site.

Incidentally, if you have posted a comment in the last 6 weeks, sorry for not responding. We’re still working out some access glitches.

Well , it’s all in your hands, now.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 16th March 2021

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