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Hope: Is ‘impossible’ an impossibility? Hello friend, Day 44… Some time ago, I had an idea to start a section called ‘Graham on…;’I got as far as writing one piece on ‘Hope’ – that was 5 years ago (me and my bright ideas!). I guess, the blog took over as most of them are ‘Graham
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Hello friend, Day 43… This is another one of those blogs I’ve been meaning to do for a while; given the circumstances, it has never felt so relevant. What does it mean to be free? You are all (mostly) confined to your homes. Do you feel free? Do you equate freedom with free movement? In
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2020-47-17 years

17 Years: or, day 6,205 of my lockdown. Hello friend, Day 32… So, here we are again… another year gone. I’ve now spent nearly a third of my life in prison. It sounds inconceivable when I put it in those terms. So many things lost, so many things broken, so much waste, lives undone. The
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