2020 – 85 – TV


Hello friend,

Day 148…

On a vote, we had another channel change around. There’s more to watch (for me) but we’ve lost More 4 – I’m missing my daily ‘Escape To The Chateau’ and ‘Grand Design’ fix. At least there’s been the re-runs of ‘River Cottage’. I particularly liked the ‘raw food’ episode – and, ‘Undercover Boss’ – so many inspirational people!

We even had the reception problem fixed… for a couple of weeks! Then we went back to fuzzy channels – I had 10 (half our 20 channels) with 4 unwatchable. It got sorted out a couple of weeks later.

My new daily TV fix is ‘Wheeler Dealers’ on Quest. I’m not sure why – I’ve never been that much into cars and most of the mechanic work goes over my head. Engines are really complicated!

I think it’s the transformation – you start with something broken and in need of love, and turn it into something of value. Perhaps a metaphor for something…?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham acaoutts, 17th September 2020

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