2020 – 82 – media

Media: don’t ‘cha’ just love Photoshop?!

Hello friend,

Day 146…

The ‘chips’ story (see blog 2020 – 72) has now migrated into the national prisoner newspaper – Inside Time. They printed the story with all the same inaccuracies together with a picture of a plate with one chip and one bean. Hardy – har! You’d think that paper would know better. I lost a lot of respect.

I recently replied to a really insightful comment left by a new reader of my blog Kim. I said “Who cares” what the newspapers print. It probably came across like I was angry with her comments – I wasn’t. It wasn’t a frowny “who cares” but a wide – eyed, wobbly – headed, arms-waving-in -the -air “who cares.” Unfortunately, whilst these stories don’t hurt me – the words of a tabloid journalist (na!) – they hurt the people closest to me – especially my mother. That’s why I pursue these complaints, and, so you can see how they distort the truth in my case.

The truth will (one day) out…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 16th August 2020

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