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Day 143…

So, here we are, around 6 months later (see blogs – 10, 40 and 66) and they finally make me an offer to settle my costs plus (to be agreed) my additional costs of the negotiation process. Don’t forget, I make them an offer around 70 % of my costs way back in February – when the case was settled. The MoJ offer is for nearly all of my costs. Well done, MoJ decisiom maker – you’ve wasted hundreds of public money only to end up paying much more in costs than my original offer.

This is what I think they were doing: firstly, they were banking on me being a bumbling fool – well, I can read y’know – especially, the Civil Procedure Rules. They were also hoping that I wasn’t aware of the 3 month deadline I had to send my Notice of Commencement and Bill of Costs; sent , with a week to spare. Ouch, that must have stung! They next tried to obtain my consent for a 28 day extension – on top of the 21 days they already had – to serve their Points of Dispute. Eh, once again, I can read. Only the court could agree to their request – so, that was a “no”.

Their Points of Dispute were served a day late but with their offer – which I have accepted. All that’s left is payment within 14 days and to agree my negotiation costs – I have (once again) made them a reasonable offer.

You’d think they would’ve learnt by now…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 13th August 2020

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