2020-77- canteen: the rich get richer

Canteen: the rich get richer…

Hello friend,

Day 137…

Continuing the theme of orders…

There is a problem at this prison in getting refunds for canteen items you’ve been charged for but don’t get or you have to return because they’re damaged or rotten; or, a number of other circumstances. It can take 5’6’7’… 10 weeks just to get a 99p refund! As happened to me recently.

Who holds all of this refund money? The prison? DHL (the canteen provider)? Imagine refund after refund building up each week, still owed. Before you know where you are you’re owed a weeks wages or more. This isn’t right and may well be unlawful.

Time for a challenge?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 7th August 2020

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