Orders: I just wanna make some music, ma-an!

Hello friend,

Day 136…

Following on from my last blog…

I have been wanting to buy a guitar multi – effects unit for some time. Originally, I was looking for something on which I could program on some basic backing tracks to jam along with. I consulted people internally, externally, the music gear supplier (Dawsons), searches were done on the internet – all to no avail. Months have passed.

I’m now looking at (maybe) one of the Line 6 multi – effects pedal range. Unfortunately, Amazon do not fulfil any of those products and Dawsons’ Line 6 range start at £400+! Meantime, weeks have passed.

I do have a Line 6 Pocket Pod but the prison have made buying a power adaptor impossible – batteries only last 90 minutes?

The only way forward seems to be seeking permission to buy from a supplier not on the ‘approved’ list. It’s highly unlikely but I’ll try.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 6th August 2020

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