2020-63-Veganism: …yah! marmite is back!

2020 – 63 – veganism

Veganism: …yah! marmite is back!

Hello friend,

Day 102…

I’ve decided to go back on the vegan diet. I’m not entirely sure what’s prompted this but I think it’s been a couple of recent reminders. One from Kim – thanks Kim; another from one of the guys in here who’s on a vegan diet – the prison have decimated the pack – they now only supply the soya milk and a few marmite portions. This falls short of the pack agreed by the Vegan Society and National Offender Management Service. Oh, well…

Perhaps I’ll shift this lockdown weight gain – the hamster cheeks are out of control!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts. 3rd JULY 2020

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