Vegetarianism;… it’s only logical…

Hello friend,

Day 67…

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. One day when I was 10! Plus 2 periods of several years in my twenties, and the last 17 years.

Can you be a pacifist and not be a vegetarian? I don’t believe you can. There is a famous and perhaps apocryphal tale of Hitler being a vegetarian which, if true, seems to allow genocidal maniacs (anti-pacifists) to become meat free; although, what were his reasons? It was clearly not a belief (my belief) that sentient beings should be free to enjoy a pacifist life absent from violence and fear.

The pacifist ideology of non-violence – logically – must be extended to all animals. In a supposed civilised society, it makes no sense to censure violence whilst tucking into a quarter pounder – juices running down society’s chin – cut (probably literally) from the back of a baby animal, industrially slaughtered – alone in a death camp! I couldn’t do it, could you?

It always amazes me how quick people are to judge whilst simultaneously justifying their own behaviour and choices (see my next blog).

Putting to one side morals and ethics, there are so many reasons to go meat-free. I should define meat-free for you pseudo-vegetarians. Meat is not just beef and pork – it’s also fish and fowl. In fact, it’s every animal all the way down to insects. “Deep fried cricket anyone… ?” Only eat fish? You’re a pescetarian. Only eat white meat? You’re a pollotarian. Neither are vegetarian.

There are at least 3 other reasons to go vegetarian: health; economics; and environmental.

Did you know that Roman gladiators were vegetarian? So are many athletes and sports people. Carl Lewis (9 – time Olympic gold medalist) said that his best year of track competition was the first year he ate a vegan diet. If you want to be healthier and reduce the risk of cancers and cardio-vascular disease, – ( I know, I’m a bad example), amongst other diseases, and animal to human disease transmission – go vegetarian.

There is a world food and water shortage. A contributing factor is industrial meat farming (they need land for grazing and a lot of water). You buy meat – you contribute to this problem and the suffering of other human beings (more than half of the world’s population). If that is not a reason enough; if you want to save money – go vegetarian!

Don’t complain about climate change and pollution if you eat meat. where do you think all the waste matter goes – for ‘waste’ use your imagination – into our rivers. Throw in a chemical soup of pesticides , arsenic and various sodiums (nitrate, nitrite and sulphite), and you have a heady mixture of river (water) heading out to the seas and getting into our drinking water. I’ve not even got into greenhouse gases. If you want to save the planet – go vegetarian!!

We’re not even physiologically compatible with a meat diet. Our intestines are too long, our jaws too weak, our teeth too short and blunt, and we sleep like herbivores – go vegetarian!

If you doubt any of these claims, I suggest you do some research, particularly on the cruelty aspect; and then ask yourself “What sort of human being do I want to be…?

Be happy, be safe and be kind (to animals and others).
Graham Coutts, 29th May 2020

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