2020-48-coronavirus: Coronapileonthe poundus!

Hello friend,

Day 35…

I’ve pretty much caught up with my blogs so I’m going to drop to 3 or 4 per week – if there’s that much to write about when you’re on 23 hour lockdown.

I got my birthday cards the next day; although, as the card shops are all shut, they were more ‘card’ than birthday? Gratefully received all the same.

Oh, boy – I’m really piling on the weight. I did buy junk from the canteen – very unusual for me – for the first 3 weeks; throw in – what the prison call – ‘comfort packs’ (junk, junk and more junk), and the servery items I wouldn’t normally eat, and you get the Pilsbury dough-boy. I’ve got a plan of action, though.

Still no flask!

I’ve been tackling 2 big jobs which have sat there for years. One of them is putting together my archive of legal information and advice. The other is indexing all my guitar resources. Lots of ‘Guitar Techniques’ articles (great magazine) and songsheets. It took me 3 days straight – plus, the decade I have been meaning to get round to it! It should help me putting together my guitar tuition modules. I’m also going to get back into some real personal practice.

I know some of you who are reading this know me personally but are a little shy about leaving comments. Well, I’ve got no way of making sure you are okay. So c’mon people, let me know you are alive and well; post a comment – anonymously if you feel more comfortable – or write at the top “NOT FOR POSTING”. “We’ll receive your message outside but it won’t be posted on the site; instead your “I’m okay” message will get relayed to me by my ‘people.’

Don’t leave me hanging…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 27th April 2020

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