2020-44-Psychology: denial, delusion and deceit

sychology: denial, delusion and deceit

Hello friend.

Day 29…

Article 2: actually this was a letter from a former prisoner. They were responding to the story (from the BBC website 16/02/20) about the Employment Tribunal of the analyst who authored the paper showing that the SOTP increased overall reoffending.

They write: “…the MOJ had the necessary information upon which to reach the [SOTP] but chose not to… The MoJ has claimed that the poor quality of [the] analysis forced [them] to seek verification elsewhere [that took another 5 years!]” In other words, they were reluctant to withdraw SOTP until they had ‘hard evidence’ that it didn’t work.

He goes on: “… two programmes were introduced to replace SOTP/Extended, namely Kaizen [what a ridiculous name] and Horizon: these programmes were hurriedly rolled out sometime late in 2016… in terms of long-term evaluation? Absolutely nothing!” In other words, despite having no ‘hard evidence’ that either of these 2 new courses reduced (and not increased) reoffending, the MoJ were quite happy to continue gambling, despite the obvious potential risks to the public.

Exactly who are these people who are making continually reckless decisions? Do they not care about your safety? It would be like rolliing out a new pharmaceutical drug without conducting the required research and tests to ensure its safety. Would you risk your health and life on an untested drug? No? Then why do you allow your taxes to be spent on courses that might risk your safety of your friends and family>

Just something to think about…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 21st April 2020

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