2020-42-Coronavirus: Xenophobia and Mangoes…

Coronavirus: Xenophobia and Mangoes…

Hello friend,

Day 27…

This wing has never felt so calm. Keeping prisoners away from prisoners (and staff) seems to have had a decidedly calming influence. It’s probably part of the reason for me being so calm under normal circumstances – I limit the amount of time I spend around people in here.

My flask has disappeared. As we have no kettles, we put our flasks outside our doors a couple of times each day; the wing cleaners – who are still working, as are the kitchen workers – fill up the flasks and deposit them outside our doors. Except, mine never came back. It was a rubbish flask anyway – you’d get one lukewarm cup of something and that’d be it. I wonder how long it’ll take to get a new flask?

The telephone number I’ve been waiting to get cleared has still not been put on my approved account. That’s nearly 4 weeks I’ve been waiting. These are close relatives who have had coronavirus in their household. This has been frustrating and inhumane. I’m a little lost for words. How quickly would they clear a number if it was their family.

I saw on the news that the government has flown over a load of foreign workers to harvest the food crop. Oh, the irony and the arrogance. presumably all th ” I’m not a racist but…” brigade – you know the ones I’m talking about – weren’t the ones who volunteered to work the land. Oh, so it’s okay now, is it, to use foreigners to work for minimum wage. Whatever happened to the government’s swanky new point system? So, I wonder, will Farage – ites refuse to eat the literal ‘fruits of the labour’ of these foreign workers. Of course not, they’ll, quite happily tuck in and choke down on their hypocrisy. And what about after? Are you just going to say “thanks, but we won’t let you work here again?” Of course that will happen. To be a little controversial in the current climate of “look how great this country is under adversary:” this is a country that still clings on to it’s historical Empire, a country who will use the desperation of impoverished foreign workers when it suits them, despite the risks to their lives. Here’s an idea, let’s round up all the xenophobes and racist journalists, politicians and their acolytes, and put them to work in the fields – then they’d have nothing to complain about as there’d be no need for foreign labour.

Phew! I’m glad I got that out.

On a brighter note… thanks to the adapted recipe of a former ‘Bake Off’ winner – and descendants of immigrants – I tried my muesli wih mango pulp – wow, wow and wow again!!! Expensive but unbelievably tasty. How rubbish would our diet be wiyhout immigration?

A world without borders… a world without hate.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 19th April 2020

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  • Spot on about the xenophobes. Unfortunately we live in a nation full of bootlickers and class traitors, who are currently so divorced from reality that they are still showing blind support for a government that is responsible for the needless deaths of circa 60,000 due to Covid, and 250,000 due to austerity. If there was any justice in this country it would be Boris and his chums banged up inside. Unfortunately the national mentality is so skewed that will never happen.

    • Hi JM,
      Thanks for your comment. I can see you have a lot of feeling about these issues – me too. I’m with you, brother/sister(?) – although, maybe not so much on sending anyone to prison, I wouldn’t wish these places on anyone. Take care, Graham

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