2020-41-Wage Threat: Wage? What Wage?

Wage Threat: Wage? What Wage?

Hello friend,

Day 26…

I’m not sure what is going on with this (see 2019-74). I filed an injunction application with the court – £8 special delivery! They promptly sent it back. Apparently, I needed to make a ‘Part 8’ claim. That’s when your not claiming damages but seeking a ‘declaration’ from the court of law, i.e. is the prison work and pay policy unlawful?

So, after I made the ‘Part 8’ claim a hearing date was set for January to hear my injunction application – to stop them reducing my (already pitiful) wages or giving me the sack.That date was vacated last minute; still no new hearing date. This is very unusual. I can’t help if there is something else at play?

I would be happy to withdraw my application if the MoJ agreed to maintain my wages and job – that’d save public money; plus, I might be getting transferred sooner than my previous estimate – so, what would be the point of the MoJ defending their position?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 18th April 2020

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