2020-40-DPA: last one…for a while

DPA: last one… for a while

Hello friend,

Day 25…

I had thought that I was done with this one. Since my last blog (see 2020 – 10) the MoJ refused to pay my costs – something you are entitled to when you accept a ‘Part 36′ offer – which, as a litigant in person can be charged at a set per hour rate (there’s been a lot of hours) and failed to pay the agreed damages within the 14 days – as laid down by the Civil Procedure Rules.

They eventually made an offer of £50 for my 46 hours 38 minutes work – that’s £1.07 per hour! Ha,ha, very funny… What? It’s not joke, you say? Of course, had we gone to trial and I had lost, they would’ve charged me 50, 100, 200 pounds an hour for their time – thousands and thousands of pounds. By being reasonable, I’ve actually saved the public purse from wasting that money – they would’ve lost anyway.Yes, here we are, with the MoJ continuing to be unreasonable and forcing this into a costs’ hearing, which will drive their costs even higher. More public money needlessly wasted.

Incidentally, they finally paid the damages 45 days over the deadline and only after they were served my court application raising the issue of the unpaid damages.

I think it’s the sheer arrogance of the MoJ that I find most troubling – ‘Rules? We’re the MoJ – they don’t apply to us – only to the little people.’

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts 17th April 2020

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