2020-39-DPA medical: the last bastion of confidentiality

DPA medical: the last bastion of confidentiality

Hello friend,

Day 24…

Case 5: I recently made a SAR to the hospital where the obstructive cardiologist works (see 2020 – 30 and other previous ‘heart’ blogs) to obtain my medical records. When I received them, the package had already been opened by the prison. Medical data should be treated as confidential material and not opened. The excuse the prison gave was that it was not covered by ‘confidential access’ in the PSI (Prison Service Access0. doesn’t matter. DPA legislation trumps PSIs. It was clearly stamped on the back (twice) as having been sent by the hospital. Another breach.

I’m going to roll all 5 cases into a ‘mega – case’ to show an institutionalised pattern of reckless disregard for the legislation. The culture that the MoJ seem to have created is one where staff feel safe and free from any legal consequences, even when they ignore legislation or act above the law. How can you, reader, hope to ever live in a safe and crime – free environment when the people in charge of enforcing the law seem to think it only applies to other people?

Ministry of ‘Justice’?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 16th April 2020

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