2020-35-DPA s.47:here we go agai

DPA s.47: here we go again…

Hello friend,

Day 20

Over the past few months, this prison has breached Data Protection legislation on 3 separate occasions; plus the MoJ’s Data Access and Compliance Unit on 2 other occasions; I’m starting to combine them all into a mega – DPA civil case. Blogs 2019 – 40 to 42 will remind you what this particular s.47 issue is all about; yes, Nurse X’s fabricated IR.

What’s happened since September last year? Well, more of the same. In total, I made 9 requests for the prison to restrict the processing of the disputed data. Of course, they ignored the law and rejected all of my requests.The IR was used in my Cat A review.

Ever after Nurse x’s was blown out of the water by a Senior Officer, Security still refused to restrict the processing of the data and erase all copies. They said: ” The member of staff who submitted the IR believed that you were threatening to report her which is ‘threatening’. At this stage her IR will remain.” Believed? No. Nurse X alleged: ” Prisoner Graham Coutts A4532AE was making threats towards myself and nursing staff that if we didn’t [sic] give him asick note he would report us to our manager and the nursing professional body.” This is an entire narrative alleging I had made specific threats to Nurse X (and others), not a belief or an opinion. Even when Security know a member of staff has lied they still desperately cling to that lie, twisting the truth even further. Believed?

Th ICO, as seems to be the current position, were unhelpful. Even they went on about ‘opinions’ – have they stopped reading my letters? It’s clearly not an opinion – it’s a fantasy, concocted by a very dishonest member of staff to damage a prisoner. Where’s the justice? They didn’t even address the s.47 (and 5.48) breaches by the prison. The ICO seems to have become an impotent organisation who cut corners and fail to uphold the rights of the individuals.

Needless to say, I will be pursuing this matter through the courts – once again…

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 12th April 2020

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