2020-33-Healthcare:sticks and stones….

Healthcare: sticks and stones…

Hello friend,

Day 18…

… Once I got over the sheer nastiness of Nurse X’s medical file entries – all that anger and vitriol being spat out onto my medical file – I started to collect my thoughts. I have to admit, it took a few days for the stress to subside – I was not a happy bunny that weekend!

It became apparent just how incongruous those entries sat along side the all the other GP and nurse entries – and all the rest of 17 year’s worth of file entries. Here’s a snapshot:

“He became confrontational from the start…”

“He continued to be threatening in manner…”

“…threats and manipulative behaviour…”

“He became aggressive and threatening…”

“Mr Coutts was threatening…”

“He was irate…”

“Mr Coutts… with a raised voice…”

“Mr Coutts behaviour intimidating…”

Just from Nurse X’s first medical file entry and later statements she alleged I was:

. confrontational
. threatenings / threats / threatened (8 times)
. manipulative / manipulating / manipulate (3 times)
. irate
. aggressive
. intimidating

Golly, gosh! Strange though… the senior officer who witnessed this exchange stated that I was ” not abusive or threatening.” The balance of power… shifting… That’s what happens when you concoct a narrative built out of a house of cards; yet, on it went – entry after entry – all in the same vein but becoming even more incredulous and inconsistent. Add in the breaches of my medical confidentiality, obstructing my care and treatment, and not once examining or questioning me about my condition, and you have a fitness to practise concern.

The Care UK investigation was disappointing, to put it mildly. There were several other staff who witnessed my interaction with Nurse X – none of them were ever mentioned. Was Nurse X disciplined or sacked? Oh, no – it appears she has been rewarded with a better job.

Now, I have an enormous amount of respect for healthcare professionals particularly now – my own mother was a career nurse for over 40 years – nontheless, this cannot be allowed to stand. The MOJ and Care UK have to be brought to account for employing staff who put patient’s health and lives at risk. I know of several patients who have died in this prison. Did Nurse X, or any other member of staff, obstruct their care and treatment? I cannot overstate just how important this issue is and to ensure no other prisoner is put at risk from the negligent or malicious conduct from any member of staff.

Be happy, be safe and kind (show ‘the love’)
Graham Coutts 10th April 2020

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