2020-29-Cervical Stenosis

Cervical Stenosis

Hello friend,

Day 14…

Well, that didn’t take long – only 9 months to see the neurologist (!) coincidentally, about an hour before I was going to write this blog I had the letter from the hospital – Department of Neuroscience shoved under my door.

Yes, about 2-3 weeks ago I was taken to hospital for my neurology appointment. I’ve got “Decreased dexterity in both hands, right worse than left”, and “Pain in all finger joints”. as well as loss of sensation in both hands and other symptoms. I do spend an inordinate amount of time each day picking up things that I’ve dropped – it’s always small things like pens or locker keys; however, I seem to instinctively know to grip mugs of hot coffee much tighter.

None of this bodes well for playing the guitar. The neurologist wanted to book me in for an operation… drill, grind, drill…mmm… no thanks – at least not yet. Although, it would fix all of these problems. At least the pain is manageable without pain relief. Anyone had the op?

We’ll see in another 6 months…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 6th April 2020

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