2020-28-vitamin D

2020 – 28 – vitamin D

Vitamin D: you wait 18 months for a bus…

Hello friend,

Day 13…

(see 2020 – 09) I’m now on the maintenance dose. I cannot believe the difference it’s made – wow! I feel like I’ve got back my old zip – so much more energy… well, for a man who’s long since past his salad days (Shakespeare reference for those who care).

So, it took 18 months to get a diagnosis and now they can’t wait to get me stocked up on Vitamin D. I got a months supply of capsules. The next day, they wanted to give me another month – I told them I’d already got my supply. The next day, they wanted to give another month… and so it went. On the fourth occasion I gave up!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 5th April 2020

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