2020-26-cotton traders

2020 – 26 – cotton traders

Cotton Traders:… eh,… Space Invaders?!

Hello friend,

Day 11…

(see 2019 – 78) The Ombudsman upheld 2 out of 3 parts to my complaint. They say it was reasonable for HMP Wakefield to confiscate the Cotton Traders catalogue. The prison told them of their security concerns around paper being sent in – yet, we can get calendars and other paper based items sent in; plus, they did not address the fact that this decision was not consistent – I’ve had several of these catalogues sent in over the years and one guy got his Cotton Traders catalogue the week after I had mine stopped.

Here’s the kicker, though: my mother sent me in the next catalogue which I received and then reception brought up the catalogue which had been stopped. What a farce!

They found in my favour for stopping my mother’s letter and the non-availibility of CT ctalogue on the wing. Apparently, they already upheld a complaint in 2018 regarding the latter and a recommendation… which the prison subsequently ignored.

As for my still lost letter from my mother: I recieved an apology and a promise to refund her postage – she’s still waiting.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 3rd April 2020

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