2020-23- media

2020 – 23 – media:

Media: don’t get your pantaloons in a twist!

Hello friend,

Dy 8…

A couple of weeks ago there was a small sidebar in one of the red tops about the Shakespeare workshops (2019 – 81). I wrote that I had “just started a Shakespeare workshop”. They turned that into I had started the workshop, when in fact, I am but one attendee. The workshop was started by someone outside the prison.

They did their usual thing of randomly naming high – profile prisoners to imply that they also attended, when ,in fact, they’ve got no idea who attends.

They also referred to the character of Calaban as a “monster”. Well, firstly, the ‘journalist’ is really showing his lack of education – there is so much more to that character. Secondly, Calaban’s physical deformities and life of abuse should elicit at least some empathy from even the most hardened of reader/audience member. For that journalist to refer to Calaban as a ‘monster’ is more a reflection of who they are as a human being. All they do is perpetuate a stereotype of people who are born differently which encourages emotional and physical verbal abuse.

Do these rags only employ sociopaths?

Be happy, be safeand be kind!
Graham Coutts, 31st March 2020

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