2020-22- projects

2020 – 22 – projects

Projects: every cloud…

Hello friend,

Day 7…

One of the positives (for me) about this lockdown is the extra time I’ve got to work on my projects. Yoga is going well. I’ve got a new Iyengar book: The Path To Holistic Health – I’ts a beautifully laid out book. I’m getting out on the exercise yard for a brisk walk but no gym equals no rowing. I’ve started back doing an in -cell workout. Number one priority: stay healthy – stay alive.

The guitar course I’m writing (1st draft) is really coming together. It’s reminding me of things I rarely use and challenging my creativity to come up with interesting practice chord progressions and strumming patterns. I can’t wait to get onto more complicated stuff.

Polish, of course, is also going well. My personalised course is really helping and it’s exciting to see it come together. I’m still only a beginner but I’d like to do the first European Common Framework (ECFR) exam. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck trying to find who provides this exam or what they are looking for in terms of laguage skills. If there is anyone reading this who could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Just leave a comment – even if it’s just a link to an ECFR provider.

If this does go on for several months this might be my ‘cottage in the middle if nowhere’ for me to write my screenplay.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 30th March 2020

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