020 – 13 – razors

Razors: shavin’ hell!

Hello friend,

I’ve not used razors to shave for quite some time – I’ve got a trimmer – but some guys buy razors off the canteen; it’s a bloodbath when you use prison ‘safety’ razors. Razors have been removed from the canteen. I am led to believe that it is to stop guys using them as slashing weapons. Well, firstly, slashings are infrequent. Secondly, has anyone told them that prison razors are freely available.

So, here’s the stuation: should anyone wish to appropriate a razor blade for malevolent purposes, they need only ask a helpful member of staff who will be only to pleased to hand them a ‘safety’ razor.

Another seemly bizarre decision.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 17th March 2020

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