2020-10(2) – DPA

2020 – 10(2) -DPA

DPA: Graham 8 – MoJ

Hello friend,

Ilast blogged about this in September last year (2019-55). Since then, the MoJ sent me 700+ pages of documentsI hadn’t requested, filed a defence full of unsupportable claims – such as they had fulfilled my DPA request – entered into negotiations.

As such as I would’ve enjoyed destroying their defence – it really wouldn’t have been hard – there comes a point during negotiations where it makes sense to accept the offer; in this case, it was the MoJ’s 3rd offer. I felt I had a strong case for exemplary damages given their conduct but, on balance, this still doesn’t justify all those extra hours and extra stress. They’ve kept their costs and damages down and I’ve come out with something better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick(!)


Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 9th February 2020

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