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Healthcare: the answer – ‘poor’

Hello friend,

This isn’t the big ‘healthcare’ blog I intend to do but an answer to 2020-05.

Finally, a probable reason for the chronic fatigue I’ve suffered over the past 18 months, or so. Yes , it’s taken 18 months to identify the probable cause. What is it, some rare and bizarre condition? No! I’m severely deficient in Vtamin D. One of the most common deficiencies in long-term prisoners. I’m so far under normal range that I’m nearly in the zone that’s regarded as ’empty’.

As you can imagine. I am little concerned that no-one thought to do this test at the earliest possible stage; it took one of the decent GP’s to make the request. This is a fine example of the level of care ‘Care UK’ provide here. They shouldn’t be allowed to use the word ‘care’ in their name. Instead of providing what they are contracted to do – loook after their patients – they employ people who either are incompetent or malicious (see my previous blogs). In the interest of balance: there are some decent healthcare staff but, even then, none of them provided the help I so clearly needed for so long.

I’m on a once a week massive dose of Vitamin D tablet for the next 6 weeks and then a maintenance dose.

I wonder how long this problem has been going on for and what other negative effects it has had on my body? I will be finding out those answers and adding this to my bigger complaint and legal action.

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 9th February 2020

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