2020 – 08 – photocopying

Photocopying: duh!

Hello friend,

I may have blogged about this before – no matter. One of the ridiculous policies in here (one of many) is the photocopying policy. It costs us 10p per copy. It costs the prison virtually nothing. The copiers are under a contract and the paper is recycled costing about 0.01 pence per sheet.

They say it’s to cover the time of the staff who do the copying; not sure that would be a legal argument as they already get paid once for doing their job. If that is a valid argument, why then do we get charged for only wanting one copy, which costs 10p? We have to fill in an already photocopied cash disbursement, attach it to an application (more cost), hand it to a landing officer for processing (more cost), they send it via the internal mail (more cost) the applications are redirected to the named department (more cost), finally, the application comes back onto the wing for distribution to the prisoner (more cost).

I cannot believe that no member of staff has raised the lunacy and cost of this process.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 2nd February 2020

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