2020 – 07 – kettles

Kettles: oh. those halcyon days…

Hello friend,

Well, that didn’t last long (see blog 2019-60). The great kettle experiment has come to an end. Nowarning, mind. Last weekend – kettles removed. Of course, this caused quite a bit of hostility. Many of the guys had handed their flasks back; as I did, due to it being rubbish and the seal broken.

Often, these decisions are made by governors, who then disappear, leaving wing staff to deal with the fallout. Fortuenately, this time, there was no violence.

The next day, and I’m laughing as I write this, wing staff gave back the kettles to the guys who don’t have flasks – the prison don’t have enough flasks, so until the order is delivered the kettles are returned. I declined. Why? The flasks ar rubbish anyway – they don’t keep water hot, my kettle had disappeared (I could’ve had a kettle which had been used by another prisoner – no thanks), I will drink less coffee and not have late night hot drinks (less caffeine, fewer toilet sleep interruptions – more and better quality sleep). My theory works, good decision.

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 2nd February 2020

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