2020-05-Healthcare:”Praise” or “Poor”

2020 – 05 healthcare

Healthcare: “Praise”or “Poor”?

Hello friend,

I spotted two short letters about healthcare in this month’s Inside Time.

The first letter was from an anonymous sender praising healthcare at HMP Wakefield. Yes, while some of the GPs and are “professional, understanding and courteous”, this is an incomplete and misleading picture (see 2019-12, 29, 45-53 and 54).

The second letter was from a prisoner at HMP Stafford. He recounted his mistreatment from the healthcar provider – Care UK; yes, the same provider here at HMP Wakefield.

I’ve got an update on my own mistreatment by healthcare in about 10 blogs time – so stay tuned.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 22nd January 2020

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