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Hello friend,

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.” – W.B.Yeats

I know (from statistics) that my blog is read by a growing number of people; both from this country and abroad. I am also aware of people who used to know me (prior to prison) regularly visit my blog; the grapevine travels far and wide.

Firstly, thank you. It makes a big difference to my positivity and determination knowing that there are people outside who still care. Readers from the start (was it really 2014?) will have noticed the blog’s evolution from a (at times) hostile rail against the injustices of prison into a more measured approach; this probably reflects my own growth. I seem to have turned this blog more into a personal update on my life. The difficulty is trying not to repeat previous blogs; it’s easy to do in here as positive change is grindingly hard to achieve.

Whilst I am in contact with a number of people, it would be great to expand my thinking and learning from some of you guys. So, if you would like to enter into some interesting conversation and debate with me, check out emailaprisoner.com – I know this will enrich my life (there is a dearth of interesting conversation and debatein here), It might even do the same for yours.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts,13th April 2019

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