2019 – 08 – media


Hello friend,

Following on from the last blog, I may as well get this one off the list: another ‘EXCLUSIVE’ from another tabloid. Although, as all they did was read one of my blogs and reimagined the content. It’s hard to see why it would be an exclusive; the ‘story’ has been out there for a week.

This was to do with my cross-border transfer. It’s a bit of a filler: big pictures and little text. Even the text they used is practically repeating the story they ran a couple of years ago. I always find it hard to believe that people make a living from ‘trolling’. There is very little factual accuracy in the article; I counted 16 false statements which have no basis in fact and cannot be supported with any evidence.

I feel that this sort of reporting represents a sickness in the minds of the ‘journalists’, and anyone who buys these redtops subscribe to the same values of hatred. Unfortunately, a few sandbags will never stop a tsunami of filth.

Be happy, be safe (and be kind…not mean)
Graham Coutts, 11th April 2019

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