2019-79-ribbon & amp; watch

019 – 79 – ribbon & watch

Ribbon & Watch: the simplest of things (part 2)…

Hello friend,

On the same theme…

I use an electric typewriter – a Brother AX-435 – I’ve had it for around 10 years. Every so often I have to buy a new Brother 1032 nylon ribbon. This time, the prison ordered an unbranded ‘one-strike’ ribbon. After I picked it up and raised the issue, they told me that “Amazon do not sell Genuine Brother typewriter ribbons. Prisoners who own the same typewriter buy the compatible ribbons.” Really? On the same night I picked up my rubbish (20-30 sheet max) ‘one strike’ ribbons, my neighbour picked up Brother 1032 nylon ribbon (several hundred sheets than can be printed).

I raised the above facts and that I’d ordered several in the past, and that Amazon currently had 30+ in stock with more to follow. Wha’dya’know, it’s now been ordered. Next…

I ordered a cheap £19.99 Casio digital watch from Argos. This order was rejected because it was marked a ‘memory watch’. We cannot buy a watches with data storage. This is not an Apple or Fitbit type watch but a watch that can only track up to 60 lap times. The functions of this watch are pretty much the same as my current Casio watch, also with a 60 lap ‘memory’ a watch I ordered through this prison which replaced the same watch I ordered in 2004 at HMP Whitemoor. It’s only because the strap on my current Casio is broken that I’m trying to buy a replacement – supposedly, much easier to do.

Clearly, the word ‘memory’ has terrified them as to the potential security ramifications of a prisoner keeping a log of their workout times(!) I would say this is an all time low in ridiculous decisions but there have been so many contenders over the past (clearly) 8 years I have wasted in this prison.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 21st December 2019

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