2019-77-Safer Custody

2019 – 77 – safer custody

Safer Custody: oh the desperation…

Hello friend,

Here’s the latest idea to reduce violence in this prison. Outside of each wing they have a board which tells you many days that wing has gone without a violent incident. If that wing reaches 30 days of no violence they are rewarded with free TV – oh, yea, I forgot to follow up my ‘TV’ blog about the £1 charge; it was an error and the charge remains.

Instead of making the environment safer, the prison have potentially enabled certain prisoners the job of policing the wings – I’m not suggesting this has been done officially or unofficially but this could lead to further violence against the guys who screw up the chance of free TV; as I think happened yesterday as we were all locked up as one guy was marched back to his cell under ‘control and restraint’ techniques – we didn’t even reach double figures.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of talking about the violence in here after the last blog but, like outside, the usual perpetrators constitute a very small minority; the overwhelming majority of guys in here cause little to no problems and certainly nothing of any violent nature. The prison, of course, would say that it’s because we are in a ‘controlled environment;’ I would say that if you can make it through prison, with all of the frustrations and injustices, without resorting to violence, you are less likely to be violent outside than people who have not been in prison. Why? Because you have to develop non-violent and pro-social strategies to deal with all manner of challenging situations; and, you learn to put things into perspective – mole hills remain mole hills.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 15th December 2019

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