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Politics: no, no Boris

Hello friend,

I had to throw my two pence worth – for what it’s worth.

The knee-jerk reaction by politicians to the recent terrorist incident in London was predictable nonsense which stoked the misinformation about former prisoners and the danger they pose. Of course, they initially proposed that people convicted of terrorism should stay in prison longer – what, all of them? This was soon extended to people convicted of violent and sexual offences – what, all of them? They are rather undermining their own rehabilitation policies, aren’t they?

So what are the facts? I don’t know for sure as I have no access to the internet to do any research. I would question just how many guys who have served a sentence for terrorism go on to commit further offences after their release. Why keep people in prison longer than necessary because of the actions of others? I know there are guys in here who just want the chance to rebuild their lives, their relationships, make amends, contribute to society and make a positive difference to other peoples’ lives – I know, because I am one of those guys.

There were several of those guys at the rehabilitation conference; in fact, at least one of them risked his own life protecting others when he tackled the terrorist with a fire extinguisher, along with others. Do you think guys like that should be kept in prison longer.

If you extend the hyperbolic rationale: an ex-prisoner commits a violent act, therefore ex-prisoners convicted of similar offences must all be violent; a member of the public commits their first act of violence, therefore all members of the public must be violent – lock them all up?

At least 5 years of right wing sentencing, ‘rehabilitation’ and parole policies – is their any hope?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 15th December 2019

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