2019-73-Jimmy G CDs: Roll up, roll up…!

Jimmy G CDs: Roll up, roll up…!

Hello friend,

My last blog on this was back in June (2019-26). As I said I would, I have obtained legal advice from a barrister who specialises in contract law. Well, well, well… interesting.

Let’s put to one side that the agreement I signed had been knocked up on someone’s computer and not a proper legal contract, the first question to ask is: who owns the copyright for the recording? I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but it doesn’t look so good for the prison. I’m considering seeking a declaration from the court on the copyright and the legality of the ‘contract’ (apostrophes added for sarcastic effect). The advice was so much more detailed and positive than I could have hoped for – thanks to the barrister.

As a side note: I had to go through a pro bono service – ‘Advocate’ – to apply for pro bono advice. The prison destroyed one of their letters because of their ‘ drug scanner’. I wonder how many normal letters they’ve wrongly destroyed due to cross- contamination – after alll, they arrive in a bag – or because of an overly sensitive machine?

So, for those who have been waiting, you know why I’ve not yet sent you a copy. Incidentally, if there has been a change in circumstances you could always let me know by posting a comment. Don’t worry, comments are not automatically posted, they have to be approved by my people outside; simply start with “DO NOT APPROVE THIS COMMENT” and it will not be posted on this site.

My goal is to get the show performed outside. I’ve started making contact with theatre projects who work with prisoners and prisons. My next step are theatre producers and ‘movers and shakers’. When I eventually free up some time, I’m going to develop it into a much longer musical piece.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 17th November 2019

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