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“Are their readers really that naiveto believe what they read in these papers?”

Maybe they are judging by some of the crass comments left on their website: “hard labour” and “holiday camp” are two examples. Hard labour? What a great idea, that’s never been tried before; brutalise prisoners so they are released angry and embittered. Holiday camp? Even in this prison we have to contend with disturbed individuals, prescription and illegal drug abuse, thefts, assaults, self-harm and suicide. Practically, every day has some form of unpleasant drama; this is far from being a “holiday camp;” those comments are a reflection of the ignorance that is pedalled by these sorts of tabloids; it’s like a club for yhe negative, the embittered and the hateful. I wonder if these people see the irony of financially contributing to a publication obsessed with sex and crime, which objectifies women, and has a ‘foaming at the mouth’ right wing agenda, whilst at the same time seeing theselves as moral crusaders.

The choice comment was left by someone proposing castration for sex offenders. It is not clear if they were suggesting this as a way of lowering recidivism or just as some sort of retribution. In terms of recidivism, sex offenders are one of the lowest groups: only 8% reoffend (and that figure includes any offence, not just sex offenders). So, are they suggesting castrating the other 92% who don’t go on to commit any more offences? Castration has been shown not to stop sexual offending, anyway; it’s not a question of biological urges for many of these guys.

(after that) Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts 11th April 2019

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