2019-69-Heart: Medication v Beans

2019 – 69 – heart

Heart: Medication v Beans

Hello friend,

I recently saw the cardiologist (the one who nearly killed me with his betablockers): not that I was told about the appointment (no slip, no name on the board). After being picked up from work, I had a near 90 minutes wait to see this guy. I asked the nurse to let him know that if he harassed me about taking medication I would walk out the door. As soon as I sat down… The nurse looked embarassed – it made me chuckle inside.

This guy just did not get that longevity is less important to me than quality of life – which, for me, medication destroys; plus, why are we extending people’s lives when we are running out of resources – controversial, I know but just wait until we reach population collapse and we are fighting over water and scraps.

It struck me that people spend longer deciding on which brand of beans to buy than deciding to take medication. Do the research first. Anyway, this guy’s obsession with medication would be like giving me morphine for a broken leg – no pain, but still broken.

He finally agreed to consult with his colleagues about the angiogram I am after – identify what’s causing my angina and stent – problem solved.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 11th November 2019

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