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Hello friend,

It’s amazing how much we all take for granted in our modern society. I’ve been at HMP Wakefield since January 2012 – that,s been 7 1/2 years wthout a kettle. Yes that’s right – no kettle. This is the only prison I’ve experienced who do not provide the prisoners with a travel kettle for their cells. The (unverified) reason seemed to be that the electrics were too old and would trip if there were surges of electric – it’s plausible, this is an old prison and fairly dilapidated prison.

That’s 7 1/2 years having to use rubbish flasks – the top on mine hasn’t been able to close properly for months. Well, they are rolling out a staged provision of kettles; supposedly, to test the electrics. I’ve had mine now for about a week. What a difference a kettle makes to your life. No longer having to traipse to the (often broken) boilers for lukewarm water. No longer having a marginally warm drink after lock up at night. No longer foregoing a pre-unlock drink because you’ve got no hot water. Wow,wow,wow!

How spoiled we quickly become in a western society.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 20th October 2019

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