2019 – 58 – pepper


Hello friend,

The next few blogs are a little lighter and deal with more mundane aspects of prison life.

One of the symptoms of my cervical stenosis is ‘clumsy hands.’ I’m finding myself dropping and knocking things over. The other week, I knocked my small pepperpot of the wall cabinet – the top flew off and pepper went everywhere. I bought an new pepperpot a couple of weeks ago – do you know where this is going? The first time I used it – top fell off – pepper all over food (idiot!). As soon as I put the pepperpot down, I knocked it over – pepper all over the floor (argh, double idiot!!). Of course, sweeping the pepper up had me sneezing for days.

The older you get, the more stupid you become.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 16th October 2019

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