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Back in June, I wrote about attending the Family Day (2019-25). It was a slightly silly account of the quizzes and confectionery based prizes,- a ‘puff piece’ I would say “it came as a surprise” that one of the trash papers published an article about this but it’s nothing more or less what I expect from such lazy poor ‘journalists.’ The guy even built it as an “EXCLUSIVE.” What?

So what was the supposed ‘exclusive’? Was it that prisons are allowing relatives to visit ? No, can’t be that. What about prisoners are putting on Family Days? It’s kind of the same thing, so it can’t be that. I know, prisons put on refreshments for visitors. Really? As long as I’ve been in, there’s always been a snack bar for drinks and snacks. Could this incredible ‘exclusive’ be that, over the course of a 5 hour visit, prisons lay on some form of entertainment to lighten the situation fos the visitors and create a shared bonding experience? Coukld this be ‘exclusive’ really be about quizzes, bingo and raffle? Or was it because I won a Toblerone?

I really don’t know how they have the gall to call themselves journalists. They sit in their dingy offices, trawling the internet, reading prisoners blogs and knocking out a piece of tripe in 5 minutes – well done, you must be very proud of your work (pat on the head).

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham acaoutts, 16th October 2019

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