2019 – 51 – ncm


Hello friend,

The next day, I was once again forced to attend work. By the end of the morning I was being wheelchaired down to healthcare due to nearly fainting – the wheelchair had no footrests – humiliation.

I saw another nurse. She made me show her how difficult it was for me to take my top off – a bizarre request, given my distress.

Not knowing the cause of my symptoms was frightening. Was I heading towards permanent nerve damage or paralysis? To have all of these fears with, not just, no-one treating my condition with any sense of urgency, but being obstructed, victimised and degraded by someone employed – and paid from public money – to provide care and treatment multiplied my stress and distress. I kept asking myself: “Why was no-one helping me?” and “Will it be too late if they finally do?”

The nurse told me she would arrange for me to be seen by healthcare – once again, no action was taken and no-one came to check on me or my condition.

Yet more to come…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 26th September 2019

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