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Hello friend,

There’s yet more…

Due to her concern over my health and mistreatment, my mother contacted the prison several times – they failed to respond to any of these calls.

I still had to attend work the next day – as I write this, I am lost for words at the total lack of humanity shown by this prison. I am not ashamed to admit I broke down (not for the first time or last time). Finally, an SO took pity on me and arranged for me to be ‘not required’ – I was wheelchaired back to my cell.

Another nurse attended my cell. He said he would make an urgent GP appointment and, for the first time, gave me some painkillers. He signed me off work for the day.

He never came back and didn’t make the GP appointment – make your own mind up as to the reasons”why?”

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 26th September 2019

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