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Hello friend,

Immediately after that 1st interaction, I went back on the wing and spoke with a senior officer in his office. He suggested that I ask nurse X if she could do a short-term sick note. At that point, she came bowling into the office and, without invitation, sat down at the other desk. She claimed she was there on another issue. Mmmm…

I asked her if she was allowed to do short-term sick notes. Her demeanour had noticeably changed; she became what I would refer to as ‘unneccesarily and overly assertive’. Her voice was raised and she said: “We’ve already discussed this Mr Coutts, I’m not prepared to discuss this any more.” I continued to seek clarity on my question but she grew ever more evasive, hostile and very red in the face; continuing to say that she would not discuss the matter.

I was my usual calm and courteous self; however, she then jumped to her feet, scuttled over to the door – and, in a fit of histrionics, said: “[Senior Officer], I’m going to leave because this man has put in multiple complaints about healthcare staff and I believe he is manipulating me so he can make a complaint about me to get a sick note!!” She then petulantly flounced out of the office.

Once again, no concern and further assumptions about my character and motivations. There’s a sense of deja vu here – is this not what happened when I had my heart attack in 2013? Delayed because certain staff thought I was faking. Mmm, and how that turn out for the prison – £60k out if pocket.

It was clear now: her appalling behaviour towards me was a result of her reading ‘complaints’ marked – not for her attention but – for the attention of a healthcare manager. She appeared highly motivated to obstruct or hinder my care and treatment.

I don’t do confrontation – this was stressful and not helpful to my progressing symptoms, as we shall see…

Be happy, be safeand be kind.
Graham Coutts, 26th September 2019

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