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The next few blogs cover 11 days in March of this year. So much has happened. In fact, it’s taken me 6 months to feel up to submitting the complaint – or more accurately, fitness to practice concern. Care UK – who are the private company who provide healthcare here – are investigating. The ‘concern’ took me over 8 hours to draft and consists of 6 sides of A4 – it’s an epic. Overall, the nurse who submitted the’threat’ IR cost me almost 30 hours of time dealing with the IR and associated issues. I’ll try to condense the events.

The day after the interaction with the other nurse – Sunday – I waited for someone to come on the wing or call me up to the ‘hatch’ – neither happened. A senior officer told me the nurse (nurse X) had told him that she would not be signing me off work. This seemed rather odd as she had not even met with me to discuss my symptoms; we had never even met prior to that day.

When I went to the ‘hatch’ to discuss with her, fortunately, a senior officer acted as my witness. Nurse X showed me no concern, asked me no questions about my medical history, performed no examination and offered me no pain relief; what she did was make assumptions about my character, even before we met, and, based on no evidence, implied that I was a liar and had fabricated my symptoms.

She went through every possible reason not to sign me off work; the cardiologist had not given any reasons (this was a result of a telemeds consult a month earlier); there was nothing on record about my symptoms (how could there be when they had failed to book me a GP appointment over the last 5 months); she couldn’t sign me off long-term it had to be a GP (oh, the irony – and no mention of short-term); my work (library) was one of the easiest jobs (it’s actually surprisingly busy, stressful, and mentally and physically tiring); I had typed my application (well there you go – 21st century healthcare – being able to push the buttons on an electric typewriter is a measure of good health(!).

Have you ever had a medical professional question your integrity? Let me tell you, it was much more than simply frustrating – degrading is the word which comes to mind. That degradation only got worse…

Be happy, be safe and kind.
Graham Coutts, 26th September 2019

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